Jewish Press Wins One For Transparency

We are happy to report that a New York State Supreme Court Justice on Thursday ordered the New York City Department of Education to provide statistical and other information about religious discrimination against students and faculty in the New York City pubic school system to The Jewish Press pursuant to the New York State Freedom of Information Law (“FOIL”). The Jewish Press requested the information after receiving complaints about religious discrimination in the schools and resolved to explore the matter in depth.

The request for the information was made to the Department of Education in May of 2017 but Department officials failed to comply. After a year of wrangling, The Jewish Press finally sued the Department of Education in state supreme court and the case was assigned to Justice Reginald A. Boddie who ruled on September 20 that the Department of Education must provide the information requested by The Jewish Press by October 30.

This is a significant step forward in exposing what many believe to be a systemic problem for people of faith in the public schools.

The Jewish Press was represented in the matter by Aron Law.