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   We are at the forefront of FOIL law and defending employee rights in the
New York City and New Jersey region.

Our firm offers legal representation across a broad range of practice areas with a refreshingly personal touch.  Litigation can be stressful, so we strive to take as much confusion, worry, and uncertainty as possible out of the process for our clients.  


Our primary focuses are FOIL consulting and litigation and employment law.  Whether you run a business and therefore need legal counsel, or are an employee with an overtime claim, in need of a "reasonable accomodation" or have experienced discrimination or harassment in the workplace, we will take the time to understand your particular concerns and fight hard – and smart – for your rights.  


In addition, we have unmatched expertise in Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) matters, litigating FOIL matters throughout the State.  Our extensive experience includes helping major media outlets, journalists, public interest groups, attorneys litigating with municipalities and other clients. We can assist with composing effective FOIL requests for government records, navigating the byzantine agency appeals process, and challenging denials of FOIL requests in court. 


Practice Areas


Freedom of Information Law provides the public right to access records maintained by government agencies

Employment Law

Encompassing all areas of the employer & employee relationship

Disability Accommodations

Promoting Equal Access:  Empower yourself with the tools to ensure inclusivity and compliance

Religious Discrimination / Accommodations 

Unfavorable treatment because of his or her religious beliefs

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